Scottish Hospitals Food Waste Solution

Article posted on 07.09.2016

At the close of September the Tidy Planet team of engineers returned to base after completing a marathon run of night time installations of the unique Tidy Planet Dehydra food waste dewatering systems, at multiple NHS Scotland Sites.

With the Scottish government successfully implementing the first “serious” steps in the UK on how food residues should be treated and not wasted, the NHS were soon on the case looking for alternate methods for dealing with the soon to be outlawed practice of “disposal to sewer”.  The ideal, to find something that would reduce the amount of waste that would now need to be collected and something that kept the kitchen practices as simple as possible. Cue Tidy Planet….

In partnership with Business Stream, who are a provider of retail water and waste water services in the UK, Tidy Planet assessed each individual hospital location and listening to the needs of the hospitals catering team, the Dehydra dewatering system was quickly identified as the most suitable solution in the Tidy Planet portfolio.

Dehydra Food Waste Dewaterer

With all the hospitals in question previously utilising macerators for the disposal of food waste to sewer, having a “bolt on” system that linked to the macerators to capture the food solids seemed a perfect solution for the catering team. Keeping the practices as similar as possible, meant that the staff no longer had to reconsider their logistics for handling of waste, as the waste disposers were located typically at the very end of the kitchen movements.

Bespoke solutions; each of the locations needed something slightly different, which Tidy Planet and Business Stream were happy to plan and cater for. Though the dewatering technology being supplied was the same, no two hospital locations had exactly the same table and disposer configuration. This led to a huge demand, a unique and bespoke manufactured configuration, for every single installation.

Tidy Planet provided the service of manufacturing and installing bespoke made “Dehydra bench units” to replace existing tabling, they also utilised their unique product in the form of the Dehydra Retrofit, a unit specifically built to fit into small spaces, under benches, or at the end of tray wash systems. This flexibility through design helped satisfy one of the greatest needs, to have the solution as close to the existing waste route as possible.

Dehydra Food Waste Dewaterer

The Dehydra systems now allow the hospital kitchens to continue to use the “method” of using a macerator, the solution does not change where the food waste needs to return to and helpfully, the systems meet the need for compliance to the new regulations and also minimize the amount of solids now sent for disposal.

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