Prison Produces Proper Professional Product

Article posted on 09.11.2016

Earlier this year the States of Jersey Prison Service, located on the South West hilltop coastline of Jersey took to recycling their food and green waste at the prison with an A900 Rocket Composter and Dehydra dewatering system, which was supplied and installed by Tidy Planet. The project has proved a Triumphant success thanks to the forward thinking and enthusiasm shown by the team on site and is a great example of a “cyclical” approach to dealing with waste.

 The food wastes from the accommodation wings, which along with the kitchen waste used to be disposed to sewer by maceration, are now collected and brought to a central location along with the food wastes from preparation and the servery. These are processed through a Dehydra food waste dewatering system, to create the ideal product for composting, free of running liquids and reduced in volume.

 At the same time, on the other side of the prison, alongside the huge poly tunnels growing all manner of vegetables, kale, pak choi, carrots, tomatoes and other produce all destined for
re-use in the kitchens, there is the older plant material, spoilt crop and root balls which used to be sent off site to the municipal composting site. These green wastes now instead of being “skipped and shipped” are shredded by the gardens team with their new “professional” green waste shredder into a more manageable material.

 Both the dewatered food wastes and the shredded greens join together at the industries section of the prison and meet their new A900 Rocket Composter, which with some coarse woodchip added uses the materials to generate a composted product in a continual process in 14 days.

Prison Rocket Food Waste Composter

 Once the compost has been produced by the Rocket, the team send the material back to the gardens department to be put into a simple batch maturation system, where the composting process further continues and allows the site to generate three distinct products from their composting activity, a mulch, a coarse 25mm compost for soil improving and a finer 10mm screened product which is used with soil for planting hanging baskets at the site.

Recent tests of the material have shown that the product reaches full stability in less than 2 weeks, which in composting terms, from being a waste only 4 weeks previous and now a product, is truly remarkable, well done team SOJPS !



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