The B2500 Rocket in vessel composting system is now our largest in vessel composting system capable of processing up to 5 tonnes of organic material per day. This rapid commercial scale composter is suitable for the largest of waste streams but with minimum footprint. The unit can be supplied with forced air injection to maximise temperatures for the densest of waste streams and an automated hopper feed system allowing bulk loading of the system. Using a patented design B2500 Rocket composter maximises throughput but minimises operator interaction when compared with traditional static IVC and open windrow processes.

The B2500 Rocket Composter is capable of processing up to 5 tonnes (10 cubic meters @ 0.5bd) of mixed organic waste per day, a custom operating system controls the process ensuring minimal operator interaction, equipped with temperature sensing and recording , the unit is capable of reporting wirelessly PH, moisture levels and operating temperatures. The unit can be ordered as a stand alone unit or supplied with pre shredder, feed hopper with beaters, stockpile conveying, bio-filtration with odour management, end product maturation bays and product screening. The robust construction ensures reliable and longevity of service.  The B2500 Rocket Composter is suitable for the on site processing of:

*Cooked & Uncooked Food Wastes CAT3 Meat Included

*Green / Garden Wastes

* Animal Wastes (Including some types of bedding)

* Sewage Wastes

* Bioremediation

* Weed / Plant Disease Control


Technical Detail: Stand Alone unit Only

Size: Length10.0m (unit only)
HeightDepending on specification
CapacityUp to 5000kgs per day
Motor2 x 11KW Main Drive
Power Requirement3ph 415v 50 amp x 2
Power Use43kwh per day with air handling
Temperature Recording8 Channel
Ventilation & Air injectionIncluded
Housing Requirementhard standing (non-porous)
OptionsAir injection, biofiltration, odour management, pre-shredder, loading hopper, conveying systems for stockpiling, end product screening


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