The B1200 Rocket in vessel composting system is one of the largest “containerised” in vessel composting systems. An ideal solution for food wastes generated at mining camps, oil pipelines, large universities, islands and remote municipal applications and off shore military deployments this units unique design capitalises on the latest composting technology and subsequently has one of the smallest footprints and running costs for this scale of equipment. Processing the waste in a single pass,  the B1200 has been designed to meet the requirements for EU / UK Composting of ABP Cat 3 wastes, the unit can be supplied with a  pre-shredding system for larger organics, bio-filtration,  odour control and end product screening.

The B1200 Rocket Composter is capable of processing up to 20,000* litres of food waste each week, intelligent controls automate the process ensuring minimal operator interaction, equipped with temperature sensing and recording , the unit is capable of reporting wirelessly PH, moisture levels and operating temperatures. The robust construction ensures reliable and longevity of service.  The Rocket range of food waste treatment systems are suitable for the on site processing of:

*Cooked & Uncooked Meat & Fish

*Cooked & Uncooked Fruit & Vegetables

*Green / Garden Wastes

* Animal Wastes (Including some types of bedding)

Technical Detail: Available on request

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*In conjunction with a Dehydra food waste dewatering system