Our Products For Commercial Food Waste Recycling, Energy Generation & Disposal

Here at Tidy Planet we specialise in clever food waste solutions, in fact that’s all we do. That’s why over the past 15 years we have developed the markets most comprehensive range of on-site food waste recycling products. Over this period we have provided solutions into every sector involved in the production of food waste from schools and small businesses up to large scale commercial and food processing operations.

This is the reason we can confidently offer you not only the right product for your needs but also give you the advice and support you need to solve your food waste problem in a way which meets the needs of your site.

We believe that food waste can be used as a resource rather than being a costly disposal problem which is why we offer products that not only eliminate waste but turn it into something valuable too. We are passionate about our products but even more passionate about dealing with food waste in a sustainable way. So if you need help dealing with your food waste problem in the most cost effective and environmentally sound way please give one of our Food Waste Experts a call on 01625 666798.

Rocket Food Waste Composter

Our world famous commercial food waste composter The Rocket recycles your food waste on site and produces compost in only 14 days. We now offer in-vessel composters with capacities from 50kgs per week up to municipal scale

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Gobi Food Waste Dryer

Our Gobi food waste dryers reduce your food and organic waste by up to 90% and also process packaged food waste. The finished Biomass not only significantly reduces collection and disposal costs but gives you a valuable fuel for use in our Dragon biomass system. With capacities from 50kg per day up to industrial scale we have a solution for every sector

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Dragon Food Waste to Energy

Our revolutionary food waste to energy system The Dragon now offers all sectors the opportunity to generate energy on site from a costly waste product. By eliminating the cost of waste and using it to generate heat we not only make you money but also help you receive significant government incentives (RHI)

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Dehydra Food Waste Dewaterer & Disposer

The Dehydra food waste dewaterer significantly reduces your volume and collection costs. The system comes in a range of models designed to suit your facility. Whether you need a Compact, Bench, Modular or Bespoke system or to simply retrofit to an existing Hobart, IMC, Meiko, Disperator we have the system for you

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Used Vegetable Cooking Oils To Energy

Our ground breaking CHiP Cogeneration system means you can generate electricity and hot water at your facility from your waste cooking oil. Not only does it guarantee better value for your waste cooking oil but it reduces your carbon footprint and receives significant government incentives (ROC’s) too

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