Another B1400 Rocket Composter is heading to Paris


We’re excited to announce that social enterprise Les Alchimistes – the recipient of our first-ever B1400 composter – has ordered a second machine for its latest food waste project in Paris.The first B1400 system was installed at the start of the 2019, on an island in the middle of the French... Read more »

Tidy Planet chosen for global oil project in Middle East


A leading procurement provider has been selected to supply waste management equipment for a major oil and gas heavyweight – and it’s chosen Tidy Planet’s Rocket Composters to do the job.With extensive experience within the oil, gas and renewables sectors, the procurement firm is committed to... Read more »

Tidy Planet Energy attending RWM 2019


The annual RWM expo is almost here and we’re looking forward to meeting businesses who are searching for innovative solutions to harness the resource potential of their troublesome waste streams.The event opens its doors 11-12th September and will see over 500 exhibitors and 22,000 visitors... Read more »

Businesses are wasting opportunities from their food waste


With environmental best practice gaining momentum in the business landscape, an increasing number of firms are looking at ways to boost their ‘green credentials’ to make our planet a cleaner, less polluted one. Yet, what part does food waste play in the equation and how can organisations –... Read more »

WE’RE HIRING – do our latest vacancies tick your boxes?


 We have one job role which need filling at Tidy Planet –  field service engineer. Could his be the opportunity you’ve been searching for within the waste and recycling industry?So, about us… In a nutshell, we’re leaders in the field of recycling and renewable energy innovation and... Read more »