Composting community food waste in New York City


Here at Tidy Planet, we love shouting about the great food waste composting work we carry out not only in the UK but across the world – from the Maldives and Indonesia, to France and the USA. And we take pride in being a global-reaching organisation which helps companies to discover the benefits... Read more »

Rocket Composter tackles food waste in Los Angeles


           Our Rocket Composting technology is famed across the globe for helping businesses – of all sizes and from all sectors – to convert food waste that’s destined for landfill, into a useful compost resource.We have many case... Read more »

Tidy Planet exports Rocket Composter machinery into Australia


Organic waste and Waste-to-Energy solutions expert Tidy Planet is shipping its first ever Rocket Composter unit to Australia, where it will help a not-for-profit community farm to divert 200-300 kg of food and green wastes from landfill per day.The global partnership – facilitated by Tidy... Read more »

What does environmental awareness look like post COVID-19?


There’s been lots in the headlines about the effect COVID-19 has been having on businesses – socially, financially and environmentally – but, is the current pandemic we find ourselves in catalysing a commitment for organisations and local authorities to switch to more environmentally friendly... Read more »

The food waste landscape during and post-COVID-19


The current Coronavirus pandemic continues to throw a raft of challenges – and opportunities – at businesses, both in and out of the environmental sector.From adapting their provision to support the healthcare system – by setting up 3D-printing facilities – to completely pivoting and taking... Read more »