What’s the future of coffee cups in 2019?


One of the most – if not the most – talked about items in the packaging world in 2018, the coffee cup has been centric to the worldwide debate about plastic waste and how to prevent it. So, with a surge in governmental legislation around plastic and the rising number of East Asian countries... Read more »

Energy-from-Waste: 2018 key reflections and 2019 predictions


From the Chancellor’s coffee cup levy proposal, to cotton bud bans, the implementation of deposit-return schemes, and the rise of compostable alternatives to plastic packaging, 2018 has not only been a key year for the war against single-use plastics, but also in re-evaluating the resource... Read more »

On-site composting at the Liverpool Guild of Students


On-site food waste management is becoming increasing popular across the education and catering industries, with more businesses choosing to close the waste loop themselves. One of the educational institutions we work with, the Liverpool Guild of Students, recently took part in Materials Recycling... Read more »



With growing activity in the Marine sector, Tidy Planet have secured a number of repeat and new orders in the first half of 2018 for the Gobi Range of Food Waste Drying systems and a number of bespoke Dehydra food waste dewatering units. With more stringent regulation for vessels dumping waste... Read more »