Tidy Planet ships food waste tech to the Sahara Desert


Two of our Gobi Dryers – heavy-duty food waste reduction systems – have been sent to the heart of the Sahara Desert, to help with organic food waste management for a major oil and gas project.The equipment has been commissioned to deal with the large quantities of food waste generated from the... Read more »

An educational lesson in on-site composting


With food waste costing the education sector over £250 million every year, it’s understandable that sustainability, waste reduction and resource efficiency are high on the environmental agenda of many schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK. But to achieve the ultimate goal of an... Read more »

WE’RE HIRING – do our latest vacancies tick your boxes?


 We have three job roles which need filling at Tidy Planet – project engineer, site service engineer and field service engineer. Could they offer the opportunity you’ve been searching for within the waste and recycling industry?So, about us… In a nutshell, we’re leaders in the field of... Read more »

Organic waste – the resource recovery story continues


Resource recovery is gathering momentum in the UK, but not just because the concept is becoming more widely understood. Technological innovation means a greater variety of wastes can increasingly be converted into fuels, and a growing number of organisations are developing their own closed loop... Read more »