Lessons in rubbish

Article posted on 17.07.2015


Working in partnership with local schools, Clydebank Shopping Centre’s Eco Project provides children with a fun, hands on learning experience with tangible results that will actually mean something to young ones who may otherwise struggle to understand environmental issues.


The rolling program sees local schools come along to the Centre and experience first-hand their recycling processes, taking them on a journey from start to finish.


Youngsters can see for themselves the segregation of a wide range of waste materials and how they are compacted and bailed on site, and then what happens afterwards. They are also able to see the recycling process of food waste at the Centre, and the value of the on-site composting machinery.


As part of the Eco Project participating schools are given the opportunity to assist in the development of Clyde Shopping Centre’s very own ‘Eco Trail’. This Eco Trail will run adjacent to the Centre to encourage urban wildlife. Schools will also be given ownership of individual raised beds within the trail for growing flowers and vegetables, using compost that has been produced on site from retailer’s food waste.


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