Frostburg Dinings home grown goodness!

Article posted on 28.10.2015

Frostburg State University Dining took delivery of their A900 Rocket Composter in January 2015 and already they seem to be putting us all to shame by hitting the ground running!

Very quickly Frostburg Dining have formed a strong partnership with Frostburg Grows which is a sustainable farming project on the Frostburg State University campus but this partnership is really quite unique.

Frostburg Grows
Frostburg Dining initially started out purchasing local, sustainable, and organic produce for the dining facility from Frostburg Grows but this has quickly turned into something much more.
Since acquiring the Rocket composter in January this year, they have been able to turn all of their food waste from the dining hall into compost. That compost is then transported back to Frostburg Grows and used to grow the produce that Frostburg Dining purchase from them!

In fact the leafy greens shown below were dropped off by Frostburg Grows this morning and like all the fresh produce they were grown in the compost that Frostburg Dining sends them!

This completes a full circle from farm, to table, to waste, then back to the farm. The benefactors of this initiative consist of the University, students, the community, local farms, and of course the Earth.

Cory and Adam
Since taking delivery of their Rocket composter in January this year Frostburg Dining have diverted over a staggering 16 tons of waste from landfill and turned it into usable compost!

Frostburg Rocket
Students are actively encouraged through environmental education programs to help reduce the University’s waste, especially in the all-you-can-eat dining facility. The students are also aware that all food waste from the dining facility is being composted and turned into something that is being used for local agriculture and supporting small businesses.

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