Dundee & Angus College fire up the Rocket

Article posted on 16.11.2015

Dundee & Angus College have just completed their operator training on the A900 Rocket Composter and are now up and running!

Dundee & Angus A900 Rocket Composter

The Rocket is based on site at their Glamis Road Campus, in Dundee and will be fed with food waste from three sites. The Rocket composter will really be put through its paces with dewatered food wastes, compostable tableware and coffee grinds arriving on a daily basis.

The Glamis road college is home to the horticultural and landscape department and the compost being produced is being put up against traditional peat based compost, which is gradually being phased out of use in the UK. The aim for the project, to run a closed loop system and to achieve an end product that when used in head to head growing trials provides consistent, equal or better results than peat based and the real feather in the cap – to achieve a pass mark or better in PAS100 equivalent sampling.

This is a really interesting project and no doubt will be watched avidly around the UK by many establishments.

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