Cycling and recycling come together in new green scheme

Article posted on 19.11.2015


Scotland’s first food waste recycling bike scheme – which was trialled at the 2014 Commonwealth Games – has launched in Giffnock.

The bicycle will be used to gather food waste for Giffnock restaurants and cafes before it is turned into compost.

Steve Taylor, who runs the environmental consultancy Ideeas, said: “Managing food waste is a complex process and one that food and drink businesses can no longer afford to ignore. The Giffnock recycling bike is an innovative, economical solution that will not only help reduce emissions in the village, but also provide volunteering opportunities that will help young people in particular gain experience of environmental projects.

“The scheme will rely on volunteers in year one so we are able to offer free collection, but by year two we aim to operate commercially through a combination of sponsorship and paid for collections.”

The recycling bike, designed by Steve, will be used to gather food waste from Giffnock eateries and convert it to compost in a Rocket Digester and Hot Bin Composter in nearby Rouken Glen Park.

Big Green Feet

Steve’s social enterprise, Big Green Feet, will run the community project, which is supported by Giffnock’s Business Improvement District (BID) and has attracted funding from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund.

The Giffnock Recycling Bike scheme aims to solve problems for local businesses through recruiting volunteers to power the bike three times a week from along the main thoroughfare of shops to its eventual destination in Rouken Glen Park.

Giann Celino, local restaurateur and chairman of Giffnock Village Business Improvement District (BID), added: “This is another example of how Giffnock Village is working to make improvements to our area.


“The innovative recycling bike scheme, the first such scheme in Scotland, will help reduce the number of waste lorries on the road, replacing vehicles that are slow, noisy and use huge amounts of fuel with something that is quiet, carbon free and fun.

“Giffnock Village BID is delighted to add this latest, innovative improvement to our list of advances in the Giffnock Village environment.”

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive of Zero Waste Scotland said: “I’d like to congratulate Big Green Feet on the innovative recycling bike idea, which I hope will be enthusiastically picked up by businesses in Giffnock.

“Making sure unavoidable food waste is recycled makes great financial and environmental sense.

“This new scheme should help businesses comply with the new waste regulations coming into effect on 1st January in Scotland, which will mean all food businesses have to recycle food waste if they produce 5kg or more.”


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