Article posted on 02.12.2016

Q: What sets Tidy Planet apart from “the rest” ?

A: We don’t try and make a square peg fit a round hole

That’s one of the things we’ve learnt long ago, along with that there’s no one clear solution, there’s not one type of food waste, there’s not one type of customer, never presume anything and listen to what’s being said. One of our strengths and the reasons our customers choose to deal with us is that we will make something to suit the exact needs of the customers site. Okay you pay a little more, but the difference is that the solution now fits exactly where you want it to, it does exactly what you want it to and your staff don’t find it an unreasonable hindrance. Instead of the “rests” option of – this is what we make and you’ll just have to work around it….

An example below pictured is a wonderful Dehydra food waste dewatering bench unit that was delivered in October this year, made to the millimetre in a number of areas that can’t necessarily be seen, but the client said “I need it to fit here” – so we made a complete one off system that would. We had to fabricate the bench from scratch, redesigning and redrawing, we’ve incorporated into a space something that technically wouldn’t fit, we’ve re-homed the pumping system and re-jigged the pipework and sized it so the main motor assembly misses by 5mm a 110mm waste pipe at the rear of the unit that projects from the floor. The legs are mounted so we miss the upturns in the upswept vinyl floor and to accommodate the servicing aspect, we’ve included a new demountable frame for the dewatering system. Means nothing to most, but goes someway to show why we are what we are and why people choose us.

Dehydra food waste dewatering


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