A900 Rocket set to land in Jersey Prison Service!

Article posted on 23.03.2016


We are proud to announce that HMP La Moye will be taking delivery of an A900 Rocket Composter and a Food Waste Dewatering System next week.

The prison was opened in the mid-1970’s and was originally built to house around 150 inmates. As La Moye is the island’s only prison, it has expanded to provide accommodation for men, women, young offenders and vulnerable prisoners. Consequently, there are four distinctive areas of the prison which have been set aside for each category of inmate. The plate scrapings from each of these inmate areas, plus the food prep from the kitchens creates around 52 tonnes of food wastes per year, that coupled with the 38 tonnes of green wastes created annually by the gardens, grounds and maintenance teams meant a solution needed to be found.

HMP La Moye

Like many public sector organisations, HMP La Moye currently disposes most of its food wastes to sewer by maceration. However under new legislation this practice is soon to be outlawed. Working closely with the prison we have created a solution that can easily deal with their food and green wastes turning them into a fully useable compost for both their inmate gardening & horticulture workshops who currently run a fabulous project growing plants for hanging baskets that are used around the island to keep Jersey looking beautiful as well as their onsite gardens, grounds and maintenance teams.

The gardens team on site grow a large amount of produce for use in the main kitchen and once the composter is up and running this will complete a full circle from grounds, to table, to waste, then back to the grounds. The benefactors of this initiative consist of the prison, the inmates, the island and of course the Earth.

On a practical note the new system will give an overall saving for the gardens, grounds and maintenance department of around £10,000 per year – plus they have the added benefits of putting food waste disposal into compliance ahead of future legislation changes.

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