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We love food waste. But sometimes we need to write about its importance or changes in legislation and the impacts this could have. Sometimes we just want to vent dismay humour or surprise. If we reach these points of relevance, elation or indeed miserableness then this is where we’ll put it to share with you. The Food Waste Experts Blog. Please forgive punctuation and made up words, we’re no language teachers….

First Food Waste Ban in US?


Reading with interest this weekend what appears to be the first US state (Massachusetts) announcing legislation to ban commercial food waste from being landfilled - from October 2014. A number of things surprised me,  for the sake of my poor spelling Mass', has a population of over 6.5 million... Read more »

It ain’t ‘arf hot Mum!


Well we get around a bit at Tidy Planet and this week I'm writing from the sunny (and sweaty) shore of the Palm in Jumeirah in Dubai. Sadly it's all work and no play as I have been asked out here to offer my food waste wisdom to the man from Atlantis! Well the man at Atlantis actually and he is... Read more »

Our Mr. Webb’s a Great Guy


So we're just about to get set for another bout of Arctic weather conditions this weekend. While the rest of us were slipping and sliding on pavements, de-icing our cars and generally bemoaning the weather, our MD Simon Webb was in the US and Canada working with our stateside colleagues.... Read more »

Exclusive Hotels, Sustainable Food Procurement


In recent weeks we've been working with Exclusive Group of Hotels. They're aiming to get zero waste to landfill as soon as practically possible. This being through proper recycling, not just sending it all to Energy from Waste. This "dry" recycling being co-ordinated with our partners the... Read more »

Holy Cheesecake Batman…


Now we've all heard about the bizzarre items that people have tried to compost, or indeed grown things in. The one that always sticks out in my mind every time I order chicken in black bean sauce with cashew nuts, is the Chinese rice farmers who use human faeces to help improve the rice crop. I... Read more »

The Power of Dreams…


They make a superb telly advert, I like the one that's like a "car part domino rally", with the windscreen wipers that walk along the floor, or the advert with the bloke in white racing overalls who's driving, flying and playing with all their products and singing that mad tune... Honda.... Read more »

A breath of fresh air …. in the waste industry ?


I was in a local wholesaler for electrical goods this last weekend, I could say Comet but that suggests brand alliance, so I'll say a local wholesaler. Looking (as all blokes do on a Saturday) at the myriad of big TV flat screens, I was trying desperately to convince myself... Read more »

We liked the first one so much, we got another


I'm a bit of a novice at Gardening. My better half has the green fingers, so when I told her I was off to see the RHS at Rosemoor in Torrington to talk about food waste and that she wasn't invited, she had a fit. I had a really productive day anyway and talked about food waste recycling as I... Read more »

Climate Change Statement


I joke with my freinds (and to be honest anyone who will listen) about the fact that my house price will rise considerably over the next 50 years, not because of any modifications, extensions or conservatory, but the fact is that it's on top of a big hill.... Read more »

Dig for Victory


Had the fantastic opportunity of going to see one of our school projects today, the project funded by Warwickshire County Council has seen a number of schools benefit from on site food waste recycling. Meeting with Lincolnshire county council there to show them the application, while they too... Read more »

Tally Ho Ginger, Chip fat at 2 O’clock !


An event we at Tidy Planet have been looking forward to, the Combined Culinary Services Competition, where the Army, Navy and the RAF all get together and show the rest of them who really is the best of the best of the best (with honours) Sir !... Read more »