Food Waste Recycling & Energy From Food Waste

Tidy Planet are The Food Waste Experts, we’ve been leading the way in on-site organic waste solutions for over 15 years. We believe the most sustainable and cost effective way to deal with these wastes is on-site. That’s why we provide a range of market leading products which not only reduce your waste and turn it into something useful but save you money too.

If you want to generate energy or compost from your waste or simply reduce your collection and disposal costs, we offer the best solutions around. Look inside our Website or  Contact one of our experts to find out how we can turn your waste into something useful.

The Big Food Waste Problem

From small scale food service operations to the industrial scale of food manufacture, inevitable waste is produced. Whether this is plate scrapings, catering waste, by products, packaged, spoilt, sale or return. It’s not that we create these wastes it’s how we deal with them once we cannot reduce or re-use them further. Since 2001 there has been a growing interest in the way that we dispose of these wastes. There is an increasing financial cost to the producer as landfill charges and collection costs escalate and our need as a society to have them dealt with in a safe & sustainable manner, both key drivers for looking at a solution to the big food waste problem.

In the last 10 years we have seen a growing number of centralised treatment plants, composting (IVC), anearobic digestion (AD) and for unsegregated wastes Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT), which are much better for our environment than landfill. But these marvellous plants still rely on vehicles collecting and transporting your waste to them and where there’s transport and profits to be made, the producer can be guaranteed of a cost and added pollution from vehicle movements.

What if you could reduce how much food waste you generated? What impact would this have on your business if you could install a permanent solution and eliminate collection costs? What if you could turn your wastes into a useable product instead?

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The Solution – Our Products

For the last 15 years Tidy Planet have researched, developed, manufactured and supplied a growing range of innovative on site food waste recycling, reduction or disposal systems. As there is no one solution for all, we have a portfolio of the best systems to deal with your wastes, some are capable of recycling the food residues into a new product, others process and reduce them in mass & volume and we even have systems to generate energy from organic wastes & used cooking oil.

We have a growing number of customers around the globe who have adopted our equipment as part of their larger waste management strategy and like them, whether its 20kgs or 200 tonnes per week we have a solution for you, contact one of our experts now to discuss your problems and how our products could help you.

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Tidy Planet Video Feed. Visit the feed for regular updates on new systems and applications for our food waste solutions. Featuring Rocket Composters at Hotels, Gobi Dryers working on packaged wastes, Dehydra food waste dewaterering in hospitality. Get a feel for the equipment in real time. Set yourself an RSS feed for any new additions.

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Some Of Our Happy Customers

Exclusive Hotels - on site food waste recycling with Tidy Planets Rocket Composter and Dehydra dewaterer have eliminated collection and disposal costs at their South Lodge Luxury Venue in Horsham and their luxury spa site in Bagshot,


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